Did you know that SEVEN 13 to 24-year-olds are diagnosed with cancer every single day?

That is seven too many!

Imagine, as a parent of a teenager, getting the call to say that they have cancer. It is unthinkable.

The world stops for the young person and their family. Suddenly they are faced with a future that is now uncertain and frightening.
There is a fear of what treatment will be like, whether parents will be able to stay with their child in hospital and immense worry about finances.

YOU can help us to give hope to these families and remove some of the fear they are facing. For just £1.25 a week, that’s £5.00 a month, you can make a difference. Your regular donation will help provide specialist equipment not available on the NHS; fresh and healthy food as well as keep a roof over their heads.

Exciting news

We are working with the amazing team at Beebombs who have kindly donated a packet of wildflower pellets to every donor who signs up to give a monthly gift of £5.00 or more. These packs contain 1000’s of seeds from 18 native wildflower species and will cover approximately 2m squared of wildflower meadow. These flowers will also attract the bee population which is rapidly diminishing. The bees will be working hard and so will your donations.

All you need is love, water and warmth. The essentials for young people battling cancer.

You will be giving a future to a young person living with cancer as well as their family. So many people are hit by the devastating news, but as your seeds grow and you watch them flourish, take a moment to thank yourself for giving hope to a young person.

Because everyone deserves a tomorrow.

Please sign up for your monthly donations today and you will receive your Beebombs as a thank you from us and all at Beebombs.