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Jackie’s Story


Jackie was 17 when she came to us for help. She had an Ovarian Teratoma and needed specialist surgery a long way from where she lived. The specialist surgeon worked in London and this surgery was essential to her treatment and wasn’t available locally. 

Jackie lives in Yorkshire, so this was a considerable distance. With no help available from either hospital for travel costs or parking, the family were desperate. Jackie’s Mum was able to stay by her bed for the 15 days they were in hospital but only in a chair. No meals were provided for her and there were no facilities for her to make anything or heat up ready meals.  All this extra stress when they just needed to focus on Jacke’s treatment and surgery. 

Your kindness paid for the petrol to and from the hospitals, parking for drop off and pick up and food for Mum. It took so much unnecessary pressure off. The family were beyond grateful.

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