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Invite your friends, family, neighbours or work colleagues along to your very own Tea for Tom and raise money for The Tom Bowdidge Youth Cancer Foundation!

As part of National Cream Tea Day, we are inviting you to join us throughout June or July and host your very own Tea for Tom party. It’s easy to take part just choose a day, weekend or week and invite your family, friends or colleagues all whilst raising vital funds to support teenagers and young adults living with cancer.

Make a small donation to the foundation for every cup of tea (or coffee) that you sell. You can make it as fun and as imaginative as you like – wear fancy dress (Mad Hatters Tea Party), hold a Vintage 1940’s party, make special Tea for Tom cupcakes and hold a raffle.

Am I going to die?

This is a question that no 13-year-old should have to ask their parents? However, this was a question Aiden’s parents had to answer. In 2022, Aiden was diagnosed with osteosarcoma which came as a shock to the whole family. Aiden is at high risk that he may lose his leg. If he is lucky and gets to keep it, his life will still change as he won’t be able to run, jump or do anything that will risk jarring his leg. He has suffered badly from the side effects of cancer and the sheer boredom of being stuck in hospital and isolating at home away from his friends.

It’s thanks to our donors, we were able to provide a smart screen TV to keep Aiden entertained and allows him to interact with his friends through gaming.

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Guess the Weight of the Cake