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Sophie’s story


Sophie was diagnosed with bowel cancer. She had multiple cycles of chemotherapy and immunotherapy treatments, extensive surgeries and radiotherapy. This has really limited Sophie in what she can do due to the physical recovery from her operations. However, she loves baking, and this is something she can do when sitting down. 

Sophie was a Teaching Assistant in a special school but after she returned to work for few weeks, she had a relapse. Her extensive surgery has taken months to recover from and she is till recovering. 

Sophie loves The Great British Bake off and has found baking something she can do on her bad days. Therefore, a really nice mixer would enable her to bake at home. 

Thanks to your donations we were able to buy Sophie a very smart mixer. This has been great for her mental health, allowing her to focus on something positive. 


Sophie tells us in her own words how this has helped her:

“When you’re ill you have to give up a lot of things you love and enjoy doing. For years my life had become very black and white. I stayed at home or was in hospital, that was it. Unsurprisingly my mental health did suffer as a result of this. When I was in a position to be able to explore some of my old hobbies again, I was donated my kitchen aid. To others it might seem like something small, but being able to get back into this hobby has given me a reason to get excited again, want to try out new things, develop new skills and just enjoy myself. Things that I haven’t been able to do in a long time. So, to everyone that donated and made it possible to receive this gift I can’t thank you enough.”

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