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The financial toll a cancer diagnosis brings.

For many, a cancer diagnosis in the family can cost, on average, £750 per month in lost income and increased expenditure. Often a parent must give up work or take unpaid leave to become the full-time carer for their child. There are increased travel costs as many young cancer patients have to travel to specialist cancer centres across the UK for life-saving treatment. Household bills are higher as more time is spent at home with increased use of electricity and heating. Suddenly paying the rent or mortgage becomes a major concern when all energy should be put into caring for the young person fighting cancer.

A Tom Bowdidge Youth Cancer Foundation Care Grant provides support for all this and so much more…..

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Could help pay for travel costs to hospital for life-saving treatment


Could help towards IT equipment that will keep young people in contact with friends and family


Could pay towards a care grant that will keep food on the table and the house warm


Provides emotional support

A young person’s coping ability is determined by the emotional pressures and mental health impacts of a diagnosis following months of gruelling treatment. Many young people find depression, anxiety, loneliness, panic attacks and loss of confidence affect them as much as the physical effects of diagnosis and treatment. Our help is given in many ways but always with a view to relieving stress, anxiety and pressure on the young person.  

Provides financial support

A cancer diagnosis brings significant non-medical expenses. Our care grants are there to help in a young person’s time of need. Help can be given with travel costs to and from hospital, mounting household bills, keeping food on the table and clothing because chemotherapy has affected their weight. We fund mattresses and beds to keep young people comfortable and wheelchairs to get them out and about. IT equipment allows them to continue their studies and stay in contact with friends and family.

Provides physical support

We provide physical support in two ways. Individual support through the provision of wheelchairs and specialist equipment for the home. Exercise equipment, gym memberships and electric bikes help the young person rebuild their muscles and get stronger. 

We also create age-appropriate spaces in hospitals across England. These rooms recognise the complex physical and emotional needs. Whilst they provide privacy, they are also social spaces where they can socialise with friends and peers in an environment which is less intimidating and frightening.

Hear from the families we have helped

‘My laptop keeps me up to date with what is going on in school and I can also chat to my mates on it. I feel so lonely being stuck in hospital and this has made me feel part of what is going on outside.’

‘Thank you very much for the support. It is for sure very helpful and much appreciated. I am so glad charities like yours exist so that people can get the support they need.’

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Your gift will help relieve the anxiety and worry faced by teenagers and young adults living with cancer.

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