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Henry’s Story


Henry is 18 years old and has been diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. Sadly, his dad died a few years ago and his Mum is struggling with the costs of travelling and the normal household bills that are building up. She has had to give up work so that she can be by his side as much as possible. His spirits are very low, and he really needs his mum with him. 

To pay for food and electricity, Mum decided she had no choice but to sell the car. However, this has added to the stress because of the cost of travelling to and from the hospital in London, where Henry is receiving treatment. 

Quite often Henry is too poorly or at risk of infection to travel by train, so they have to pay for a taxi which is so expensive. This is made worse when coming home after treatment because he feels so weak and tired and gets very travel sick. 

Henry’s sister is also struggling with her dad’s death and her brother’s diagnosis so when Henry is staying in the hospital for several days, Mum has to go back and forth to support her daughter too.

Thanks to our donors, we have helped Henry’s mum purchase a second-hand car which is helping her get Henry to London safely. We were also able to help with some of the household bills to get the family straight again. 

Henry’s mum said,

“Thank you so much for all your help. I was absolutely drained from all the worry about how to pay the bills. This is on top of worrying about Henry’s treatment and my daughter too. You have helped take some of the strain away and I can now focus on Henry’s treatment rather than worry about how to get to London. Thank you so much.”

Right now, 71% of families are struggling with travel and petrol costs which are costing over £250 per month.

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