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Yianna’s Story


Yianni is 14 years old and was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma. This is a rare and aggressive sarcoma. He is undergoing treatment in London. He is the oldest of 6 siblings and finances are extremely tight. 

During treatment Yianni has been taking a lot of medication and this has significantly increased his weight by two clothes sizes. His family are struggling to afford to buy him new clothes and as we head towards cooler weather, they are worried about how they will cope. 

Your donations have allowed us to send some clothing vouchers to get him what he needs. The reason we send vouchers is so that they have control over what they buy. They have lost control over so much that is happening to them and this way they can feel normal again.

When a young person has already lost their confidence due to loss of hair, eyebrows, weight change, then any small thing that can be done to help them is invaluable. Sometimes, these young people have only their pyjamas that fit them and that is not acceptable. 

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